DATA PRIVACY STATEMENT: Thank you for visiting the GRENKE AG (hereinafter GRENKE) website. GRENKE takes the protection of your right to privacy very seriously. Below, we wish to inform about the data, which is compiled and used when you visit our site, as well as to what extent this occurs and for which purposes.

WEB SERVER LOGS: While it is generally possible to visit our site without passing on personal information we wish to make it clear that to a limited extended server on which our website is hosted (hereinafter "web server") automatically compiles information from you, but only to the extent, which is technically required in order to provide you access to our site. This applies to certain information such as for example:

  • parts of your IP address,
  • the date and time of your visit,
  • the sub-pages you have visited,
  • pages you had visited previously,
  • the browser you are using (e.g. Internet Explorer),
  • the operating system you are using (e.g. Windows 7),
  • the domain name and the address of your internet provider (e.g. 1&1).

PREVENTION AND/OR MONITORING OF COOKIES: Depending on the browser and system you are using there are several methods of managing your cookies and the information that is passed on through them. If you are experiencing any issues in relation to the cookie choices we would encourage you to contact the manufacturer of the browser. It is possible that if certain cookie functions are disabled, as well as in case of some browser settings, the functionality of our website can no longer be used to its full extend.

COLLECTION, PROCESSING, USE AND TRANSMISSION OF PERSONAL DATA: Except in the context of web server logs, we require your consent to   to process personal information and date in order to provide you with our services  If it is necessary for your inquiry or for the fulfillment of our contract with you, your data may also be forwarded to Group companies.     

INTERNATIONAL DATA TRANSFER: The processing of data generated by our web page takes mainly place on servers in European Union states or the European Economic Area (EU/EEA). If you require explicit information of our subcontractors and partners please contact us directly.

LINKS TO OTHER WEB PAGES: In certain parts of our web page, we have links to other web pages (e.g. web pages of other companies in the GRENKE Group) or we offer the possibility to share content via so-called share buttons. Please note that the data protection declaration described here does not apply for these other web pages. We ask that you visit these sites directly to obtain information about the data protection, security, collection of data and the provisions for the forwarding of data. GRENKE is not liable for measures taken by these web pages or for their content.

SECURITY: Please be advised that data is transmitted unsecured via the Internet and thereby could be intercepted and utilized by third parties. You can also contact us at any time by post or telephone.

YOUR RIGHTS: The GDPR guarantees you the following rights:

  • Right to be forgotten: You have the right to be forgotten and your personal data to be removed from our records.
  • Right to access: You have the right to be informed about how your personal data is being used by us.
  • Right to rectification: You have the right to have errors in your personal data to be corrected.
  • Right to restrict: You have the right to restrict the use of your personal data for any specific type of processing.
  • Right to objection: You have the right to object to the use of your personal data for any purpose proposed by us, if you believe that you have an overriding interest in excluding the processing of your personal data.
  • Right to revoke: You have the right to revoke consent for the processing of your personal data.
  • Right to appeal: You have the right to appeal to a data protection authority if you suspect that the processing of your personal data infringes the GDPR.
  • Right to portability: You have the right to obtain your personal data, which you have directly provided to us and use it for other parties.

If you wish to exercise any of these rights please contact us using the contact information and we will respond within a reasonable time. Please note that we may be required to retain certain information by law and/or for own legitimate business purposes.


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You can reach our operational data protection officer at: GRENKE AG | Data protection officer | Neuer Markt 2 | 76352 Baden-Baden, Germany | E-mail:

Status: January 2020 | This declaration may be subject to change in the future. Please ensure that you stay regularly informed of the current version.