External Sales Manager



As “External Sales” you are GRENKE’s ambassador in the market. Your mission is to generate revenue by
deploying GRENKE’s sales strategy with resellers in your responsible area.
You are a master at studying the market and identifying resellers in line with GRENKE's strategy; you know
how to find your way to the right people within the prospect dealers and to negotiate a profitable reseller
To the eyes of the account you are also a “consultant”, providing suggestions, explaining GRENKE’s added
value, bringing them up to speed with the processes and supporting their resale process during the entire
lifecycle with GRENKE.
You are great communicator always a step ahead of the conversation and capable of developing a personal
connection with your counterpart. You have a strategic approach to the financial market and would be
confident in evaluating risk by looking at a balance sheet.
You are a dynamic, self driven and well organized person who likes flexibility, challenges and always seeks
out new solutions to grow resellers potential. In your daily work you visit accounts, evaluate
prospects benefits vs risks, monitor sales volumes, resolve possible issues and study market trends.




  • Carrying out sales processes (identifying prospects, sales "meetings", consultancy, follow-ups, final negotiations).
  • "Cold-acquisition" with company tools to create new business opportunities and develop GRENKE business portfolio.
  • Building long-lasting/strong partnerships with resellers and interacting using the best channels available (personal and/or digital).
  • Achieving quantitative and qualitative sales objectives within Grenke’s sales strategy.
  • Consulting and training our partners to get a complete overview and understanding of GRENKE products and process.
  • Providing solutions according to the resellers needs and acting like a consultant.
  • Ensuring resellers satisfaction through the best customer experience.
  • Complaints management granting the best customer experience.
  • Participating in relevant networking events.
  • Recording meetings and reports in GRENKE tools.
  • Analysing resellers financial situation to monitor risk and opportunities.

Compliance and Governance

  • Respecting & applying Group Compliance rules, Health & Safety, Data Protection and Data Handling, AML, QM Group standards.


Local Difference

  • While resellers are your main focus, in some countries your responsibility also includes deployment of GRENKE’s sales strategy to direct customers in the own area and enssuring direct customer satisfaction.
  • Analysing direct customers solvability risks using company tools.
  • Developing direct customer portfolio expenditure volumes.
  • Evaluating lease requests up to the limits defined by the governance and communicating approval or rejection.
  • Creating reports to Credit Centre for the evaluation of the request above limits assigned.



  •  Degree Economic/Management/Marketing or commercial training plus relevant further education.
  • Professional experience in Sales at least one year, service sector preferred or experience as Internal Sales in GRENKE.


Grenke Core Skills

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Personal 
  • Entrepeneurial 


Hard Skills

  • Grenke Know How
  • Group Compliance and Legal Regulations
  • Market Knowledge 
  • Financial Management 
  • Business Management 
  • Business English 
  • Digital Skills.


Job Specific Skills (Soft and Expertise)

  • Negotiation 
  • Stress Management 
  • Credit Check and Evaluation
  • Sales and Customer Care Techniques.